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Welcome to Pendidikan Network

Why Create Pendidikan Network?
It is hoped that by providing six (6) easy to remember individual sites at which all sectors can participate, linked to a seventh site Pendidikan Net that we can begin to pool our knowledge and resources and begin to improve the quality of education in Indonesia. All comments, articles, news, and information that you register (including e-mail addresses) can be accessed from all three key education sector sites (SLTP.Pendidikan.Net, SLTA.Pendidikan.Net, & PT.pendidikan.Net) and also at Pendidikan.Net itself. For instance, from the SLTP.Pendidikan.Net (Junior Secondary Education) Homepage you can directly access comments from lecturers at PT.Pendidikan.Net (Higher Edn Homepage). At this network communication is shared between all education sectors. Hopefully through this sharing we can work together to begin the process of shaping educational development that will significantly benefit our learners, educators, and citizens.

Pendidikan Network consists of 7 sites:

The E-Pendidikan.Com, SchoolDevelopment.Net, and Menganggur.Com sites were created especially for the sharing and exchange of information related to technology, school development, and employment. Please note that if you want to register your information for seeking employment you can only register at the PT.Pendidikan.Net, SLTA.Pendidikan.Net, SLTP.Pendidikan.Net, Pendidikan.Net main pages - not at IndoStaff.Net - IndoStaff is especially for Pendidikan Network users.

Communication is an important factor within all areas of education. The first step is to get all sectors communicating (or at least able to). In the past communication has mainly been a one-way-street (top down). You can publish your Articles on Pendidikan Network. Truly significant development will really begin to occur when all sectors are communicating and contributing effectively. A key factor currently inhibiting educator contribution in Indonesia is the working conditions of the teachers and lecturers in the field.

Change is beginning to occur and schools are currently being oriented towards School Based Management (SBM). Major teaching and teacher training institutions are also undergoing review. However, your participation is critical.
If you do not already have an E-Mail address or you would like to have an address at please register using the form to the bottom-left of the main page. You can login and check your e-mail at the bottom-right of that page (or at

At Pendidikan Net and all seven (7) of our sites your participation and assistance is highly valued. Successful improvement to the quality of education in Indonesia will only be achieved when we can mobilize* all the human resources available and begin to work together. A key element for achieving effective mobilization is communication.

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* The word "mobilize" is used because in Indonesia it means to "activate" and "get people working together"
(Gotong Royong).

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